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Writing Sudden Fiction starts 1/26/21

In this workshop students will read, write, and revise a sudden fiction story. We will read many examples over the course of the workshop, and students will shepherd their story from genesis to completion. Homework will consist of revisions and a few exercises to help ensure that your piece is as polished and economically written as possible. Prior fiction or nonfiction writing is required. Through Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes for students age 50+. Register at https://www.campusce.net/sfsu/course/course.aspx?C=691&pc=61&mc=&sc=

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For Diverse Writers: Getting Invited to Read at Literary Conferences. Starts 3/2/21

Photo of the workshop flyer
Flyer: Susan Ito  Photo: Adrienne Mathiowetz

This workshop offers information, guidance, and support to underserved indigenous writers and writers of color who are applying to have their work accepted at a writers' conference or convention, whether virtual or in-person. In a safe and supportive environment, we will explore how to:


  • choose the right writers' conference for you
  • prepare a polished submission
  • make a professional impression from submission to attendance
  • create a conference plan
  • get financial support to attend
  • navigate concerns that arise for us as attendees of color
  • avoid common, costly mistakes in your CV and bio that mark you as an amateur

This workshop is open to writers of color of all levels who feel prepared to present their work at a professional writers' conference. Learn more info and register at https://www.sfgrotto.org/events/for-diverse-writers-getting-invited-to-read-at-literary-conferences-with-lyzette-wanzer-mar-2/?

Funding Your Creative Writing Project. Starts 1/7/21

Photo of a group of professional development workshop students!
Professional development workshop students!

This six-week workshop is open to writers who are considering applications for—or wish to learn about—creative writing grants, fellowships, and residencies. This workshop will cover:


  • The best places to locate opportunities.
  • The dreaded Project Statement, Work Plan, or Goals and Objectives question.
  • How to demonstrate a rising trajectory (remembering that most people who are awarded grants are on their way up, not already there).
  • Using headings and "buckets" to make your statement navigable.
  • How to craft clear, concise personal or artist statements. (You'll leave this class with a completed first draft in hand!)
  • Why the marketing angle is so important.
  • Creating an effective literary resume. (You'll have a nice new one at the end of class!)

Learn more information and reserve your seat at https://www.sfgrotto.org/events/funding-your-creative-writing-project-with-lyzette-wanzer-jan-7/?

Building a Career as a Literary Writer of Color. Starts 1/12/21

This workshop, especially geared for creative writers of color, is an empowering, vital asset addressing the nuts and bolts of producing a sustainable literary career. Becoming a professional writer requires just as much work outside of the studio as within it. If you are a serious, committed writer of color invested in developing yourself as a professional, this workshop is for you. We will cover how to market yourself as a professional author, how to create industry-standard marketing materials such as your literary resume, author bio, artist statement, and online profiles, where to secure funding to support time off for your projects, how to create and use a literary calendar to open doors of opportunity, and more. You will receive a comprehensive packet of handouts to guide you as you build your career. This class is best suited for digitally savvy participants who maintain a regular writing practice. Learn more information and register at https://www.sfgrotto.org/events/building-a-career-as-a-literary-writer-of-color-with-lyzette-wanzer-jan-12

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