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Prepare to Be Professional: Create and Polish Your Creative Writing Resume


5:30pm – 8:30pm



Ready to elevate your writing career to the next level, but not sure how to present your background in an appropriately professional fashion? Whether you have a long list of publication credits or just a few, you need a literary resume that both adheres to professional standards and encourages panelists, editors, and reviewers to learn more about your work. When done properly, this resume helps you:

•     land grants, fellowships, and other funding for your writing projects

•     get invitations to present work at conferences

•     obtain reading opportunities

•     present strong artist residency applications

•     get editors' and publishers' attention

•     be taken seriously as a writer, and not a hobbyist


Leave with a shiny new resume and an author bio  that makes your accomplishments--whether large or small--stand out!  A laptop, tablet, or notebook computer is required.


Prerequisite: You must bring a rough list of your writing-related achievements, or a draft of your writing resume.


Registration closes February 4th. The registration process:

1)       Email AuthorLyzetteWanzer@LyzetteWanzerMFA.com

2)       Mention the workshop(s) for which you wish to register

3)       You will receive a message about whether space remains in the class. If space remains, you will receive online payment instructions. Do not attempt to remit payment until you receive confirmation that a seat is available.

4)      Tuition is non-refundable after February 4th.


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