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Prepare to be Professional: Presenting Your Work at Public Events


11am – 3:30pm



This workshop is geared for writers who are planning to participate in open mics, literary festivals, a reading series, or who will be reading their work at a writers' or humanities conference. In this workshop we will cover the myriad ways in which to ensure that reading your work to an audience helps you build your reputation as a writer and share the passion you have for your story, poem, or essay. Reading in public is one of the best ways to propel your literary career forward and get yourself invited to other events.  In this workshop you will learn:

  • the critical but too-often-overloooked preparatory steps to take before you ever set foot in the venue
  • how to notate your excerpt or your piece to guide the pace, inflection, pauses, phrasing, and emphasis of your reading
  • how to harness stage fright and make it work for you
  • how to establish presence at the mic
  • what NOT to do at the microphone!

A laptop, tablet, or notebook computer is required for this class.


Registration closes April 26th. The registration process:

1)       Email AuthorLyzetteWanzer@LyzetteWanzerMFA.com

2)       Mention the workshop(s) for which you wish to register

3)       You will receive a message about whether space remains in the class. If space remains, you will receive online payment instructions. Do not attempt to remit payment until you receive confirmation that a seat is available.

4)      Tuition is non-refundable after April 26th.


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