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For BIPOC Writers: Get Invited to Read at Literary Conferences

The author teaching a writing seminar
The author teaching a writing seminar

Registration restricted to participants of Muse & The Marketplace Conference, April 27-May 8, 2022. https://museandthemarketplace.com/muse-2022


Geared especially for writers of color, this workshop offers information, guidance, and strategies for writers who wish to apply to have their work accepted at a writers' conference, whether virtual or in-person. In a safe and supportive environment, we will explore how to:

  • choose the right writers' conference for you
  • prepare a polished submission
  • make a professional impression from submission to attendance
  • create a conference plan
  • get financial support to attend
  • practice conference etiquette: the do's and dont's of both applying and attending

Open to writers of color of all levels who feel prepared to present their work at a professional writers' conference.Students completing this workshop will be prepared to research, select, and submit work to several literary conferences, and will be well-equipped with the conventions and expectations of attending.