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Applying for Grants, Residencies, & Fellowships on 4/20/24

This seminar is geared for writers who want to apply for literary grants and fellowships to support a creative writing project. The tools you need for this level of monetary support are considerable and critically important. We'll discuss how to locate legitimate funding opportunities, application strategies, and how best to position yourself to land one. Enroll at https://grubstreet.org/seminar/applying-for-grants-residencies-fellowships-undefined

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Preparing for the 2023 Literary Grants Application Season

4/18/23 – 5/23/23   

5:30pm – 8pm Pacific Time

Zoom and in-person



*** Submission required for admission ***


NOTE: Students who've completed one of the following classes with Lyzette in 2022 do not need to apply and may register without a submission:

  • Building a Career as a Literary Artist (Writers.com)
  • For BIPOC Writers: Get Invited to Read at Literary Conferences (Muse & The Marketplace Conference)
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Creative Writers (Loft Literary Center)
  • Lyzette's August 2022 Rooted & Written Fellowship workshop (The Writers Grotto)

All others wishing to register for this multi-week grant seminar must apply. Submit a literary resume and a link to your author website (or your author LinkedIn or Facebook profile). If you are in academia, you may submit a CV in lieu of a resume, and a faculty profile page in lieu of a LinkedIn or Facebook profile. Attach your resume as a Word, Pages, or PDF document only. Email your submissions to AuthorLyzetteWanzer@LyzetteWanzerMFA.com by April 15th, 2023.


You can secure a grant and focus on your work without the day-to-day pressure of paying bills. While there is no quick fix for securing a coveted grant, there are several strategies that position you to put your best foot forward and avoid the mistakes that other applicants make. This six-week  seminar intensive is geared for students eager to learn how to increase their odds of winning grants, fellowships, scholarships, or residencies from the nation's major funding foundations. We will cover:

  • the best places to locate funding opportunities that are a fit for you
  • getting inside the minds of review panelists (what are they looking for? what turns them off?)
  • avoiding faux pas that mark you as an amateur and brand you as unprofessional
  • how to curate your application package, online presence, and personal statements to portray a three-dimensional view of you, and why this step is absolutely crucial to success
  • the Top 10 Tips for grant applications
  • the often-overlooked importance of being a good literary citizen (hint: Funders actually prefer to give money, space, and financially supported time to these applicants).

This seminar is best suited to students who are interested in securing financial support for a period of one month to one year for writing projects that will start in late 2023 or in 2024. Registration closes April 16th. 


Prerequisite: Students must be computer-savvy, serious, focused, committed to completing assignments, and dedicated to the success of everyone in the seminar. Participants complete an emailed pre-work assignment prior to the first class meeting.





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