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Fund Your Muse: Winning Literary Grants & Fellowships, July 10th, 2021

Photo of a class in session

Secure a grant and focus on your work without the day-to-day pressure of paying bills! While there is no quick fix for securing a coveted grant, there are several strategies that position you to put your best foot forward and avoid the mistakes that other applicants make. This single session class is geared for students eager to learn how to increase their odds of winning grants, fellowships, scholarships, or residencies from the nation's major funding foundations. The class will cover:


*the best places to locate funding opportunities that are a fit for you

*getting inside the minds of review panelists (what are they looking for? what turns them off?)

*avoiding faux pas that mark you as an amateur, or brand you as unprofessional

*why curating your application package, online presence, and personal statements to portray a three-dimensional view of you and your work is absolutely crucial to success

*the Top 10 Tips for Grant Applications

*the often overlooked importance of being a good literary citizen (hint: Funders actually prefer to give money, space, and financially supported time to these applicants).


Students must be comfortable navigating websites. The class includes an emailed pre-work assignment that participants are expected to complete before the first class meeting. Registration now open.

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Professional Submission Strategies, Tools, & Tips for Writers of Color begins August 12th

Photo of Lyzette teaching a seminar

In a safe, supportive community catering to writers of color, learn how to plan a submissions strategy, create a plan of attack for your work, research markets, and locate the ones that are the best fits for your writing.


It's time to set aside the bevy of excuses about why you're not sending your work out to journals, newspapers, magazines, and contests. In this boot camp-style workshop, you'll learn how to plan a submissions strategy create a plan of attack for your work, and learn how to research markets and locate the ones that are the best fits for your writing. Then we will focus on submitting short stories, articles, poems, essays, novel excerpts, and/or creative nonfiction pieces to over 15 markets. In a safe, supportive community, you'll begin by learning proper submission etiquette and protocol, avoiding pitfalls that mark you as an amateur and get your submission tossed onto the "No" pile—before editors have even read it.


*Learn where to locate legitimate, respectable markets
*Become proficient in navigating the publication landscape
*Get practical tips on formatting submissions that look professional
*Find out what the most popular submission platforms are and how they make your life easier
*Write your author bio
*Create a Research Collection Sheet to identify individualized markets
*Submit short stories, articles, poems, essays, novel excerpts, and/or creative nonfiction pieces to over 15 markets.


Enrollment is limited for this class. 

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Launch Your Literary Opportunities with LinkedIn begins June 9th

*An unknown person sees my LinkedIn profile, listens to my readings, reads my work, and nominates me for a $2,000 foundation arts award.
*After seeing my profile, an organization in another county asks me to teach a workshop at their local library for a $600 honorarium.
*The curator of a national blog asks me, through LinkedIn, whether I'd be interested in being a guest blogger on his essay website.
*I receive an offline invitation to attend the National Book Critics' Circle annual party, from someone who'd connected with me on LinkedIn just a few months earlier.
*A Board Member of a local reading series, having followed my writing career's progress over several years on LinkedIn, invites me to join the series' Selection Board.


The days when LinkedIn was the exclusive purview of attorneys, physicians, scientists, corner-office CEOs, and job seekers, are long gone. LinkedIn is a marketing platform that writers often overlook—even while grant review committees and residency vetting panels research their shortlisted candidates on the platform, seeking evidence that your online presence buttresses and mirrors the quality of your application. When these reviewers come to your profile, will your profile buoy and support your application materials, or will it get you tossed into the "No thanks" pile?


In this workshop, you'll learn how to design an author profile that will support your funding and residency applications, expand your audience, allow you and your work to get noticed, and open doors to a host of literary career-growth opportunities. Book your seat now!

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Building a Career as a Literary Artist starts March 2nd!

Do you want to publish your work in journals—or better journals, or paying journals? Would you like to query in a way that won't shut you down before you get started, or submit your manuscript with well-earned confidence? Do you wish to be invited to contribute to festivals and fellowships, win grants, establish a name for yourself, craft nourishing and fruitful professional relationships?


Do you want to build a career as a literary artist?


Building a writing career requires both creative and business skills, as it does for any artist. If you are serious about your writing and want to increase your professional opportunities, as much work needs to happen outside of the studio as within it.

Topics will include marketing and PR, applying for literary grants and fellowships, writing a personal statement, creating and using a literary calendar, and learning to present yourself as a writing professional. You will receive a comprehensive packet of handouts to guide you as your career begins to build. In this six-week workshop you will:


*Discover how to connect with the literary scene to develop local, regional, or national opportunities
*Write several drafts of the dreaded–but all-important–Artist Statement (yes, authors need these, too, not just visual artists)
*Polish up (or begin!) your LinkedIn profile
*Learn to harness professional free and low-cost tools to help track your writing output, submission markets, contest entries, and grant applications
*Develop a literary calendar
*and much more!

This class is geared for creative writers who are ready to engage in the not-so-sexy but essential steps necessary to advance their careers and promote their work. Register now!

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Writing Sudden Fiction starts 1/26/21

In this workshop students will read, write, and revise a sudden fiction story. We will read many examples over the course of the workshop, and students will shepherd their story from genesis to completion. Homework will consist of revisions and a few exercises to help ensure that your piece is as polished and economically written as possible. Prior fiction or nonfiction writing is required. Through Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes for students age 50+. Register at https://www.campusce.net/sfsu/course/course.aspx?C=691&pc=61&mc=&sc=

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Funding the Dream: Creative Writing Grants & Fellowships: October 11, 18, & 25, 2020

*Part of the ROOTED & WRITTEN program


This three-day workshop is open to writers who are considering applications for--or wish to learn about--writing grants, fellowships, scholarships, or residencies. "I've found that many writers aren't aware of the many different types of funding opportunities available to them," says Lyzette Wanzer. "They think they've got to have a book out, or a long list of publication credits, before they can apply for grant money. That's just not true."


Students will complete some pre-work prior to the initial class meeting. Limited to 10 students.

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For Diverse Writers: Getting Invited to Read at Literary Conferences. Starts 3/2/21

Photo of the workshop flyer
Flyer: Susan Ito  Photo: Adrienne Mathiowetz

This workshop offers information, guidance, and support to underserved indigenous writers and writers of color who are applying to have their work accepted at a writers' conference or convention, whether virtual or in-person. In a safe and supportive environment, we will explore how to:


  • choose the right writers' conference for you
  • prepare a polished submission
  • make a professional impression from submission to attendance
  • create a conference plan
  • get financial support to attend
  • navigate concerns that arise for us as attendees of color
  • avoid common, costly mistakes in your CV and bio that mark you as an amateur

This workshop is open to writers of color of all levels who feel prepared to present their work at a professional writers' conference. Learn more info and register at https://www.sfgrotto.org/events/for-diverse-writers-getting-invited-to-read-at-literary-conferences-with-lyzette-wanzer-mar-2/?

Funding Your Creative Writing Project. Starts 1/7/21

Photo of a group of professional development workshop students!
Professional development workshop students!

This six-week workshop is open to writers who are considering applications for—or wish to learn about—creative writing grants, fellowships, and residencies. This workshop will cover:


  • The best places to locate opportunities.
  • The dreaded Project Statement, Work Plan, or Goals and Objectives question.
  • How to demonstrate a rising trajectory (remembering that most people who are awarded grants are on their way up, not already there).
  • Using headings and "buckets" to make your statement navigable.
  • How to craft clear, concise personal or artist statements. (You'll leave this class with a completed first draft in hand!)
  • Why the marketing angle is so important.
  • Creating an effective literary resume. (You'll have a nice new one at the end of class!)

Learn more information and reserve your seat at https://www.sfgrotto.org/events/funding-your-creative-writing-project-with-lyzette-wanzer-jan-7/?

Building a Career as a Literary Writer of Color. Starts 1/12/21

This workshop, especially geared for creative writers of color, is an empowering, vital asset addressing the nuts and bolts of producing a sustainable literary career. Becoming a professional writer requires just as much work outside of the studio as within it. If you are a serious, committed writer of color invested in developing yourself as a professional, this workshop is for you. We will cover how to market yourself as a professional author, how to create industry-standard marketing materials such as your literary resume, author bio, artist statement, and online profiles, where to secure funding to support time off for your projects, how to create and use a literary calendar to open doors of opportunity, and more. You will receive a comprehensive packet of handouts to guide you as you build your career. This class is best suited for digitally savvy participants who maintain a regular writing practice. Learn more information and register at https://www.sfgrotto.org/events/building-a-career-as-a-literary-writer-of-color-with-lyzette-wanzer-jan-12

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