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For BIPOC Writers: Get Invited to Read at Literary Conferences

The author teaching a writing seminar
The author teaching a writing seminar

Registration restricted to participants of Muse & The Marketplace Conference, April 27-May 8, 2022. https://museandthemarketplace.com/muse-2022


Geared especially for writers of color, this workshop offers information, guidance, and strategies for writers who wish to apply to have their work accepted at a writers' conference, whether virtual or in-person. In a safe and supportive environment, we will explore how to:

  • choose the right writers' conference for you
  • prepare a polished submission
  • make a professional impression from submission to attendance
  • create a conference plan
  • get financial support to attend
  • practice conference etiquette: the do's and dont's of both applying and attending

Open to writers of color of all levels who feel prepared to present their work at a professional writers' conference.Students completing this workshop will be prepared to research, select, and submit work to several literary conferences, and will be well-equipped with the conventions and expectations of attending.


Writing the Lyric Essay starts March 16th

Students around a seminar table
Students around a seminar table

The lyrical essay has become a highly popular genre in multiple disciplines, from journalism to the personal essay. Authors from Purpura and Forché to Didion and Dillard have written them. But what, exactly, is this form? Poetic essay or essayistic poem? Both – or neither? The form employs a series of images or ideas, rather than chronicle or argument, to sculpt a narrative. Often inconclusive, lyrical essays reach beyond archetypal classical frames to a meditative sense of place and displacement. In this workshop you will birth, nurture, and release a brand-new lyric essay. We'll begin by identifying key components of the form, learn how to negotiate its terrain, and then get down to the business of crafting a lyric essay. You will engage in extensive revisions of your work, and then during our last two weeks together, submit your finished piece to six literary journals and contests for publication. Students registering for this class should be prepared to create new work from scratch in a concentrated, serious environment. Outside of class assignments will consist of revisions and a few exercises to help ensure that your piece is as polished and economically written as possible. This class is best suited to those who have a basic understanding of craft in fiction or nonfiction. Register now at https://loft.org/classes/writing-lyric-essay

Building A Career as A Literary Artist starts 1/26/22

The author speaking at the podium at the Mechanics' Institute Library
Speaking at the Mechanics' Institute Library

Do you want to publish your work in journals—or better journals, or paying journals? Would you like to query in a way that won't shut you down before you get started, or submit your manuscript with well-earned confidence? Do you wish to be invited to contribute to festivals and fellowships, win grants, establish a name for yourself, craft nourishing and fruitful professional relationships?


Building a writing career requires both creative and business skills, as it does for any artist. If you are serious about your writing and want to increase your professional opportunities, as much work needs to happen outside of the studio as within it.


Topics will include marketing and PR, applying for literary grants and fellowships, writing a personal statement, creating and using a literary calendar, and learning to present yourself as a writing professional. You will receive a comprehensive packet of handouts to guide you as your career begins to build. Registration is now open! https://writers.com/classes/building-a-career-as-a-literary-artist 

How and Where to Submit Your Work starts 1/25/22

Lyzette at LitCrawl with (L-R, back row) Kathleen McClung, Eileen Malone, Shizue Siegel, and (front row) Li Miao Lovett
Lyzette at LitCrawl with (L-R, back row) Kathleen McClung, Eileen Malone, Shizue Siegel, and (front row) Li Miao Lovett

In a safe, supportive community catering to writers of color, learn how to plan a submissions strategy, create a plan of attack for your work, research markets, and locate the ones that are the best fits for your writing.


It's time to set aside the bevy of excuses about why you're not sending your work out to journals, newspapers, magazines, and contests. In this boot camp-style workshop, you'll learn how to plan a submissions strategy create a plan of attack for your work, and learn how to research markets and locate the ones that are the best fits for your writing. Then we will focus on submitting short stories, articles, poems, essays, novel excerpts, and/or creative nonfiction pieces to over 15 markets. In a safe, supportive community, you'll begin by learning proper submission etiquette and protocol, avoiding pitfalls that mark you as an amateur and get your submission tossed onto the "No" pile—before editors have even read it. Book your seat at https://olli.sfsu.edu/courses#fallsession

Writers Who Want To Get Noticed: Online Literary Profiles starts 10/28/21

One of the biggest challenges writers face is getting their work the recognition it deserves. You've been sending your work out—stories, articles, poems, plays—and you know it's good work, but no one's biting. You've applied for grants, travel scholarships, and writers' conference funding, to no avail. You'd love to be invited to present work at Litquake or another high-profile reading series, or to read at a conference. You'd like to publish in literary journals that pay writers, and you'd like to start winning some writing contests. What's the missing link? It could well be your online literary presence. Register at : https://www.sfgrotto.org/events/writers-who-want-to-get-noticed-online-literary-profiles-with-lyzette-wanzer-october-28th/?