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Donté Clark's book launch, 2/23

Join us for an evening of readings from Bay Area poets and writers. Donté Clark from his new book Close Caskets. A Q&A session follows.

Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference, 2/18-2/20/21

As a Teaching Fellow, presented my workshop, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Writers


Want to be taken seriously as an author, even though you have yet to publish the Great American Novel or place an article in The Atlantic? You need to learn to treat your writing—poetry, fiction, nonfiction—as a business. Believe it or not, one of the best ways of getting the literary world to notice you is to manage the less sexy aspects of your practice. That means realizing that writing is a business, not just an art. Marketing is a critical, often overlooked aspect of our craft. In this session, you will learn seven habits that will enable you to boost your writing career.


American and Popular Culture Association National Conference, 6/2-6/5/21

Untangling African American Realities panel.

Inclusion, Confusion & Authenticity in Writing 2/24/21

What do identity and self-representation mean in the context of writing? In the importance of people getting to tell their own stories? Tune into this 90-minute discussion as a panel of diverse authors from across literary styles and genres tackle how to write characters and stories that are not from your own lived experience in terms of ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Lyzette Wanzer moderates. Hosted by California Writers Club and Shuffle Collective.

Professional Development for Writers of Color

Photo of poster advertisement
Photo: Adrienne Mathiowetz

An interactive workshop supporting career growth for creative writers of color. An empowering, vital immersion boot camp. Invest in your professional development! Register at

Lyric Essay As Resistance: Truth From the Margins

Photo of the panelists
From L-R, Erica Trabold, Lyzette Wanzer, Krys Malcolm Belc, and moderator Zoë Bossiere

The lyric essay is a subversive genre that ignores cardinal rules of "good" writing—linear structure, clear chronology, plot—in favor of embracing liminality and uncertainty, spaces many marginalized writers inhabit. Despite the focus on (white) women, the lyric essay has long been a form of expression for underrepresented voices in creative nonfiction. Join our diverse group of panelists as we discuss the lyric essay's untapped potential for representation and resistance in 2020 and beyond.Presented at AWP 2020.

AWP Conference 2019, Portland, OR

Photo of the panelists
From L-R, Eleanor Vincent, Ingrid Contreras Rojas, Louise Nayer, Lyzette Wanzer, Laurie Ann Doyle

Pleased to announce that I presented at AWP Writer 2019 in wonderful Portland, OR on a panel entitled "What's Missing: How Absence Can Drive Narrative." The wonderful Laurie Ann Doyle proposed, curated, and convened this panel.

What's Missing: How Absence Drives Narrative

This panel, put on by The Writers Grotto and helmed by Laurie Ann Doyle, featured a diverse group of fiction and memoir writers discussing the importance of what's narratively not present—a missing parent, lost object, or unexpressed feeling—as a major theme in literature, and a creative spark in their own work, shaping plot, character, imagery, and dialogue. Panelists shared brief excerpts from their writing, and provided innovative craft techniques to illustrate how a focus on what's missing could be transformative.

REPRISE: Trauma, Tresses, & Truth: Untangling Our Hair Through Personal Narrative

Promotional postcard for Shuffle's Weekend of Words panel
Trauma, Tresses, & Truth Panelists

I reconvened and reprised our March 2020 AWP Panel for Shuffle Literary Collective's Weekend of Words event.


Black women's natural hair remains political and persecuted even now. Panelists are African American and Latina authors relating their real-life encounters through personal essays. Particularly relevant during this time of emboldened white supremacy, racism, and oppressive othering, panelists' work explores how writing about one of the still-remaining systemic biases in academic and corporate America might lead to greater understanding and respect.

AWP 2020 in San Antonio, TX

Promotional postcard for the AWP Conference panel
From L-R: Panelists Lyzette Wanzer, Jasmine Hawkins, Adrienne Oliver, Judy Juanita, Kelechi Ubozoh

My panel, Trauma, Tresses, and Truth: Untangling Our Hair through Personal Narrative, presented our work on March 5th at the Henry B. González Convention Center. We enjoyed a standing-room-only crowd of highly diverse attendees, over-whelmingly women, though several brave men made their way in. Our work addressed the irreverent encounters, persistent maltreatment, immodest feuding, and tyrannical dress codes about good hair versus bad hair, pelo bueno versus pelo malo, that should be, by now, a curious historical remnant. But they aren't. Which differences make a difference? And when?

Lyzette Named A Teaching Fellow for Arizona Conference

Each year, Arizona State University's Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing offers a number of fellowships for individuals to present craft talks and workshops at the Desert Nights, Rising Stars Conference. I am pleased to announce that in 2021, I have been named as one of the Fellows. I'll be teaching a session called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Writers.


Register for the conference (virtual for 2021) and join us!


 The 2019 Writers Grotto Lit Crawl reading at The Chapel. L-R, Lyzette Wanzer, Lisa Gray, Julia Flynn Siler, Meghan Ward, David Ewing Duncan. Connie Hale also read.




Natural Bridge Spring Issue Launch Reading, 5/15/20 @ 5:30pm PST


















  • African American Art & Culture Complex, National Coalition of 100 Black Women. San Francisco, CA
  • Mechanics' Institute Library Members' Night. San Francisco, CA