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Prepare to Be Professional: Improving Your LinkedIn Author Profile


11am – 5pm



One of the biggest challenges writers face is getting their work the recognition it deserves. You've been sending your work out—stories, articles, poems, plays—and you know it's good work, but no one's biting. You've applied for grants, travel scholarships, and writers' conference funding, to no avail. You'd love to be invited to present work at Litquake, Beast Crawl, or another high-profile reading series, or to read at a conference. You'd like to publish in literary journals that pay writers, and you'd like to start winning some writing contests. What's the missing link? It could well be your LinkedIn author profile.

Creative writers often suffer from one of these misconceptions:


"LinkedIn is just about finding a job."

"It's for executives, lawyers, and doctors, not artists like me."

"I already have a day job profile; everyone can just look at that."

"I'm already on Facebook, so I don't need it."


LinkedIn is a powerful marketing and networking tool that offers a lot for writers and, in the Bay Area, is critical for success. Learn how to maximize LinkedIn to increase your audience, get noticed, support your funding applications, meet the Bay Area's literary movers and shakers, and open significant opportunities. A laptop, notebook computer, or iPad is required for this workshop.  


Prerequisite: You must have a basic LinkedIn author (not day job) profile set up prior to class. You must be comfortable navigating your computer.


Registration closes March 21st. The registration process:

1)       Email AuthorLyzetteWanzer@LyzetteWanzerMFA.com

2)       Mention the workshop(s) for which you wish to register

3)       You will receive a message about whether space remains in the class. If space remains, you will receive online payment instructions. Do not attempt to remit payment until you receive confirmation that a seat is available.


Tuition is non-refundable after March 21st.

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