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Prepare to Be Professional: Write Your Artist Statement!


11am – 5pm



Artist statements are not just for visual artists and performers; in the 21st century, writers need them, too. You will use some incarnation of this statement on your own web page and media account, in personal and project statements for residency applications, and in letters of intent for grant and fellowship applications. Your statement needs to demonstrate that you are a thoughtful, deliberate writer who takes her literary career seriously. Bear in mind that this statement speaks for you on grant, fellowship, grad school, conference, and residency applications.


Learn how to cast your work in its strongest, most evocative light. In this one-day class, you will read several statement examples; learn how they are used; and then craft, workshop, and revise several drafts of your own statement. Students will complete a series of writing exercises to generate ideas about how to talk about their work. Then they will write, workshop, and revise several drafts until they have a polished statement ready for use. Students should be computer-savvy and comfortable sharing work-in-progress with their workshop peers. A laptop, notebook computer, or iPad is required for this workshop.



Registration closes closes February 4th. The registration process:

1)       Email AuthorLyzetteWanzer@LyzetteWanzerMFA.com

2)       Mention the workshop(s) for which you wish to register

3)       You will receive a message about whether space remains in the class. If space remains, you will receive online payment instructions. Do not attempt to remit payment until you receive confirmation that a seat is available.

4)      Tuition is non-refundable after February 4th.

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