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Practical Strategies to Launch Your Creative Writing Career, 7/24 & 7/31

This interactive two-session class is designed for creative writers who feel ready to take the essential steps necessary to advance their literary careers. In this class you'll learn the importance of maintaining a polished, professional presence--online and offline--that gets you noticed by the right readers, publishers, and gatekeepers; how to create a literary calendar that forms the foundation of an upward career trajectory; how to locate and pursue reliable opportunity resources, and leverage them to increase your chances of getting noticed; why you must have an artist statement, and how to write one (they aren't just for visual artists any more); how to apply the seven tools of highly effective creative writers. This class is a hands-on, learning opportunity to engage in research, writing, partner exercises, and online profile work; we'll have screen breaks for lunch, and as needed, ten minutes in the AM and again in the PM.


Class includes an emailed pre-work assignment that participants are expected to complete before the first class meeting, and students will complete homework between the first and second meetings. Participants should be comfortable navigating websites. Reserve your spot before seats run out!

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