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Launch Your Literary Opportunities with LinkedIn begins June 9th

*An unknown person sees my LinkedIn profile, listens to my readings, reads my work, and nominates me for a $2,000 foundation arts award.
*After seeing my profile, an organization in another county asks me to teach a workshop at their local library for a $600 honorarium.
*The curator of a national blog asks me, through LinkedIn, whether I'd be interested in being a guest blogger on his essay website.
*I receive an offline invitation to attend the National Book Critics' Circle annual party, from someone who'd connected with me on LinkedIn just a few months earlier.
*A Board Member of a local reading series, having followed my writing career's progress over several years on LinkedIn, invites me to join the series' Selection Board.


The days when LinkedIn was the exclusive purview of attorneys, physicians, scientists, corner-office CEOs, and job seekers, are long gone. LinkedIn is a marketing platform that writers often overlook—even while grant review committees and residency vetting panels research their shortlisted candidates on the platform, seeking evidence that your online presence buttresses and mirrors the quality of your application. When these reviewers come to your profile, will your profile buoy and support your application materials, or will it get you tossed into the "No thanks" pile?


In this workshop, you'll learn how to design an author profile that will support your funding and residency applications, expand your audience, allow you and your work to get noticed, and open doors to a host of literary career-growth opportunities. Book your seat now!

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