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Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Link to the class registration site

re you an editor who suffers from one of these misconceptions?

"LinkedIn is just about finding a job."
"It's for executives, lawyers, and doctors, and other C-suite/corner office corporates."
"Those endorsements don't really mean anything."
"I'm already on Facebook, so I don't need it."

LinkedIn is a social media marketing tool that editors and writers often overlook. It's a very powerful networking tool that offers a lot for us, and in the Bay Area, is critical for success. Learn how to maximize LinkedIn to increase your visibility, get noticed, and open significant opportunities. In this two-hour workshop, learn how to:


*Prepare a profile that marks you as a professional, rather than a hobbyist
*Promote yourself and your work by harnessing LinkedIn's full features
*Network with editor organizations that help to spread news of your work to wider audiences
*Learn the power of LinkedIn's Groups

A laptop, notebook computer, or iPad is required for this workshop. Register at


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