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One Month to a Kick-Ass Literary LinkedIn Profile, 9/11/19 - 10/2/19

Photo of classroom door with a sign on it reading "Conference Room"

LinkedIn is a social media marketing tool that writers often overlook. It's a very powerful networking tool that offers a lot for us, and in the Bay Area, is one way to accelerate your success. Learn how to maximize LinkedIn to increase your audience, reinforce your funding applications, meet the Bay Area's literary movers and shakers, and open opportunities for reading, conference invitations, and publishing. In this workshop, learn how to:

  • Prepare a profile that marks you as a professional, rather than a hobbyist
  • Promote yourself and your work by harnessing LinkedIn's full features
  • Network with author organizations that help to spread news of your work to wider audiences
  • Use your profile to enhance your grant, residency, and writing conference applications
  • Learn the power of LinkedIn's Groups

A laptop, notebook computer, or iPad is required for this workshop. Enroll now before seats fill; the last workshop sold out!