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How to Apply for Creative Writing Grants 7/27



This workshop is open to writers who are considering applications for–or wish to learn about–writing grants, fellowships, scholarships, or residencies. Many writers aren't aware of the many different types of funding opportunities available to them. Or they think they've got to have a book out, or a long list of publication credits, before they can apply for grant money. That's just not true.


This workshop will cover:

  • the best places to locate opportunities
  • the dreaded Project Statement, Work Plan, or Goals and Objectives question
  • how to demonstrate a rising trajectory (remembering that most people who are awarded grants are on their way up, not already there)
  • using headings and "buckets" to make your statement navigable
  • how to craft clear, concise personal or "artist" statements (leave this class with a completed first draft in hand!)
  • why the marketing angle is so important
  • creating an effective literary resume (you'll have a nice new one at the end of class!)

This is an intensive hands-on workshop; laptops, tablets, or iPads are required. Register at (415) 393-0101 or

10:30am - 4:30pm