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Professional Development Bootcamp for Writers of Color


This workshop, especially designed for African American, Latinx, Asian, and Middle Eastern descent writers working in all genres, is an empowering, vital workshop addressing the practical concerns of establishing a sustainable literary career in the Bay Area. The truth is that building a writing career requires both creative and business skills, just as it does for other artists. If you are serious about your writing and want to increase your professional opportunities, as much work needs to happen outside of the studio as within it. In this intensive boot camp, you will learn:


  • How to harness professional free and low-cost tools to help track your writing output, submission markets, and contest entries, and grant and M.F.A. applications
  • How to develop and use a literary calendar to increase opportunities
  • The importance of having an artist statement, and how to write an effective one
  • How and where to locate solid, trustworthy submission, grant, fellowship, and residency markets, including markets specifically geared for underrepresented writers
  • How to strengthen your grant and funding applications
  • How to use your LinkedIn profile to develop local, regional, and national literary opportunities
  • How to create a professional literary CV

You will receive a comprehensive packet of handouts to guide you as your career begins to build. This bootcamp is geared for creative writers who are ready to engage in the not-so-sexy but essential steps necessary to advance their careers and promote their work. A laptop, tablet, or notebook computer is required for this class. Register at

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